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What We Do

MedDAO creates new incentives and systems for a global, distributed medical knowledge network leveraging a highly-engaged community of public health stakeholders who are co-owners of the organization.

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Healthcare 3.0

Aligned incentives using blockchain technology

Knowledge and data owned by members of the DAO rather than centralized entities

Increase trust in the knowledge available through multiple opinions & collective wisdom

Collaborative participation of our community, including healthcare providers, patients, developers and industry partners

  • Why MedDAO?

  • Mission

    MedDAO is creating a decentralized community and protocol with the primary mission of distributing medical knowledge without boundaries, barriers or intermediaries. Our goal is to drive adoption and awareness of decentralized healthcare, or Healthcare 3.0.

  • Ownership

    We believe leveraging blockchain creates an opportunity for physicians to reclaim ownership of their practices, patients to reclaim ownership of their healthcare journey, and industry partners to grow networks with patients and medically knowledgeable experts.

  • Connectivity & Collaboration

    DAOs are a model of human coordination that facilitate the emergence of valuable ideas through collaboration, aligned incentives and transparency. Together, we have the power to distribute medical knowledge by orders of magnitude greater than the current paradigm.

  • Composability

    MedDAO endeavors to provide the abstractions, primitives and tooling for others to potentially extend it with many different implementations and applications. With this modular design in mind, we hope MedDAO can serve as a baseplate for other medical minds looking to build in Healthcare 3.0.


In Progress
Future Plans
Launch Discord
Develop MedDAO Token
Implement self-sovereign identification and credential verification
Grow community and identify early DAO contributors
Develop initial Knowledge Request Protocol
Establish MedDAO grants program
Collaboration with other DAOs, medical industry and charitable partners
Fully decentralize governance


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